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A-5III Fighter Aircraft (Tail No- 908)

This Chinese aircraft inducted in BAF in 1986. It was introduced in 1970. It was first flown on 04 Jun 1965. This aircraft played an important role in the air defense as well as ground defense. Short description of the aircraft is: Maximum Speed : 1225 km/hr Ceiling Height : 16400 feet Fuel capacity : 5240 litre


Airtech Canadian DHE-3/1000 Otter

(Tail No B-721)

This Canadian aircraft was manufactured in 1952. The skilled technicians of BAF, participated in the Liberation War, transformed this aircraft into a fighter cum-bomber, through their relentless efforts to use it in the liberation war. As a result On 03 December 1971, air attack was launched with this aircraft on Eastern Oil Refinery and Chittagong Port.


F-86 Fighter Aircraft (Tail No-1802) Used by Pakistan Air Force
Pakistani Military used this type of USA made aircraft against us in the War of Liberation of Bangladesh. Occupation force left it in damaged condition. The BAF Engineering officers and technician aircraft serviceable which made successful flight on 26 march 1972. It was introduced in 1959.

Short description of this aircraft is:

Length : 37 ft 6 inch
Height   : 14 ft 9 inch
Weight   : 14800 lbs
Maximum Speed  : 977km/hr
Span    : 37 ft 1 inch


FT- 5 Trainer Aircraft (Tail No 723)

This china made Trainer aircraft had first flown in BAF in June 1979 and last flown in January 1981. It was manufactured in 1956 & first flown on 19 July 1956. It was used for the Training of the pilots of Fighter Aircraft.


Short description of this aircraft is:

Length : 11.5m
Height   : 3.80m
Weight   : 4081kg
Maximum Speed  : 0.0935 Mack
Span    : 9.63 m


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