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FOUGA (Tail No-061)


The France made aircraft was used in BAF from 1978 To 2000 for advanced training of the pilots. It was manufactured in 1956.

Ceiling Height : 25000 feet
Maximum Speed  : 756 km /hr


FT- 6 Aircraft (Tail No-10937)

This Chinese aircraft was inducted in BAF in 1981. It was manufactured im September 1959.

Length : 15.015m
Ceiling Height          : 17500m
No of cannon           : 03
Caliber of the cannon         : 30 mm
No of Rocket             : 32x57 mm



A-5III Fighter Aircraft (Tail No- 908)

This Chinese aircraft inducted in BAF in 1986. It was introduced in 1970. It was first flown on 04 Jun 1965. This aircraft played an important role in the air defense as well as ground defense.

Short description of this aircraft is:

Fuel capacity : 5240 litre
Maximum Speed  : 1225 km/hr
Ceiling Height   16400 feet


Mig-21 Fighter Aircraft (Tail No 7006)

This Russian Aircraft was inducted in BAF in 1973 and phased out in 2000. It was manufactured in 1959.

Short description of this aircraft is:

No of Machine Gun : 01
Caliber of Machine Gun :


No of Rocket : 64x57 mm
Maximum Speed  : 2500 km/hr


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